Friday, 8 July 2011

Kolorful Kilims

Should craftsmen be considered artists? When cooking or making people laugh or cry can be an art then why is there a distinction between a craftsman and an artist?

Perhaps because they are always considered lesser children of the art world? For me every person is an artist in some way or another and anything, which is, hand made shows human creativity and imagination.
I always consider colorful kilims as beautiful artwork of artists from Afghanistan. I don’t know and do not want to know the detailed quality check and classification of these colorful rugs. For me each one is an art piece in itself.

The rustic look of kilim as compared to carpet has always been an attraction for me. The geometrical designs, which are not up to perfection, like those in carpets, add another dimension to the artistic effect of the creation. 

The colorful designs show the zest for life in deserted hills, snow clad mountains and not so desirable war beaten living conditions. I always wonder which factor motivates these artists/craftsmen to use such vibrant colors? Just a look at their work big or small makes one lively and cheerful and believe more in the possibilities and hopes of life.

And as I end this post, my daughter walks in reading her favorite quote from the Dune, “Hope clouds observation”.

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